Thursday, 31 May 2012


As my attempts to keep a diary have always failed, I'm turning to this blog as a kind of visual/wardrobe diary. And, really, my clothes always say so much about where my mind's at; whether I'm feeling good about myself and my appearance or not, what influences are affecting me etc. Today was quite uneventful, I remained at home and as I don't dress until I've bathed and wanted a bath rather than a shower and also was super-lazy, I didn't actually get around to putting on real clothes. But because of what I've just said above about that whole diary thing, I decided to post my lounge-wear, including the baseball cap I found in Dad's car when we went to vote (despite the rude comments about said cap that ensued from my wearing it).

Claire Boucher - No forced play on words with "Grimes" necessary.

Claire Boucher - what can I say? She's been on my radar since "Vanessa". "Visions" is probably, in fact definitely is, my album of the year so far. I've listened to the thing on repeat for about a week now and it's still not old. There are so many layers to it that I only fall more and more deeply in love with the sound. Her accompanying videos are beautiful. So, that's a check for the music. What about the lady herself? The more I read about her, interviews where she has no qualms about telling it like she sees it and stories of how crazy and rather romantic (in the more general sense of the word, as in sensibility) she is, the more I grow to adore her, too. And then there is the style; dramatic hairstyles with severe cuts or wild colours, metallics, baggy shirts, great accessories (including a particularly famous ring), a play between sporty and grungey, tough and "feminine", rock and r'n'b.

Look, listen, adore.

I'm gonna hope and assume that this is faux...

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Japanese influence continues!

...I now blame it on my friend, Conor, as well as all the manga. He's off to Japan soon (exciting) and I spent the whole day with him and some other college buds today so Japan is doubly on my mind! I'm very tired after our invention of a new sport and lots of climbing and exploring so this isn't going to be an uber-detailed post. I will say that the following outfit was not only quite kawaii but it also was very practical! No problems running or climbing in this bad boy!

Peter Pan collared shirt - Penney's - Playsuit - Penney's - Hi-tops - Converse - Backpack - Royaltex - Cardigan - Marks and Spencer's

Sidenote: I'm super-excited to try out this new skirt that Mammy just gave me! It doesn't photograph all that hot but it's amazing! Yay for having a stylish mom to steal old clothes off of!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manga binge...

...results in Japanese fashion influence. What I like about this sensibility is the play between childlike and adult, between fun and sexy. Below is the result of this influence; knee-socks for that sense of kink, heels with bows for girliness, skull tank-dress to add the edge and undercurrents of punk and goth that affect so much of Japanese fashion and an over-size cardigan for comfiness and kawaii peeking from around baggy sleeves. The whole thing is super-fun and comfy with just a touch of sexy (as much as I can handle) that is appropriate for daytime. O ki wo tsukete x

Cardigan - Oversize Men's from River Island (I call it the Kurt cardigan) - Tank-dress - Topshop - Socks - Penney's - Bag - Louis Vuitton - Boots - Marco Tozzi.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Pastel Dip-dye.

So, I read about it and decided to give it a good old fashioned (ha, accidental pun - the best kind) try. Dip dying is huge at the moment - on heads and clothes and it seems that everyone's giving it a go. Not to be one of  those people but I wanted to try it about three seasons ago but dying is so expensive and high maintenance (and other than a couple strands here and there I do not trust myself not to cock it up, therefore salons and expense all the way!). I read about an inexpensive, short-lasting way to get this effect online - literally colouring in your hair with pastels. The comments section was awash with worries: Will it stain clothes/pillows etc? Will it damage my hair? Will it work for darker hair? Oil or chalk? Dangerous pigments? and so on.

I tried a tiny segment of my hair first and then washed it out immediately in the shower. It washed out easily and seemed to have no ill-effect at all on my hair. I used oils because I needed a new set of oils anyhoo and two birds, one stone and all that jazz. Some people advised against this but it worked fine for me. I had no problem with having brown hair (although, my hair is kinda blonde on the ends) but found brighter, lighter colours easier to distinguish from my own hair colour.

The whole pigments thing is bull - if you don't eat the friggin' pastels, you'll be fine.

The overall effect was quite cute but the smell and texture aren't super-appealing. Therefore, my concluding opinions are that this is fun, something that would probably be really fun with friends, something that a dunce at girly things (like me) can do, inexpensive and a great short-term fix. However, it leaves a lot to be desired. I think I'll take the plunge and just dye the damned thing for reals. Watch this space (i.e. my head).

Hairspiration (Commandeered from other sites, I claim no ownership whatsoever):

My turn:

The ensuing mess...oops..

The results


Camera goes crazy...and I like it!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Home bird.

I'm home, it's sunny, there are ponies and my puppy! First post from home-home.

T-shirt - UO - Shorts - Dunnes - Sheer shorts - A random pair of tights I cut up - Espadrilles - Topshop - Hoop earrings - Topshop - Scarf - No clue, no label.